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Medical Resources
Educate Yourself for a Healthier Tomorrow

Avoid False Information

We live in an information age. It is important to play an active role in your healthcare and to educate yourself to improve your quality of health and well being; however, the internet is full of incorrect information. Use reputable sources of information. You would not ask a surgeon how to fix your transmission. We have put together a list of health resources to insure that you educate yourself with correct information. Anyone can make a website, but this is a list of sites that are reviewed and edited by physicians for accuracy.

Complete Guides
Information on the websites below is not reviewed byCapital Heart Associates, PC and therefore endorsement is not implied. They are listed due to the high accuracy of their content; however, reader beware.

Krames Online -You may not have heard of this one, but it is one of the best patient educational resources out there. The American Academy of Physician Assistants believes in patient education so much that they have made this resource free to help you understand your recent diagnosis, your medications, and many other health concerns you may have. Definitely check it out!

MedlinePlus - "Trusted Health Information for You". This site is a great starting point. It is a non-commercial, government site that branches out to hundreds of trusted sources. It is a must visit in the pursuit of medical information.

The Merck Manual: Home Edition for Patients & Caregivers - "Complete, Concise, Correct". This is a manual of diagnosis and disease, great for looking up illnesses. This is a fabulous, free, resource that is written in language that is understandable. It is constantly edited by a panel of doctors for accuracy.

Mayo Clinic - "Medical Information and Tools for Healthy Living". This is a site dedicated to patient education. It includes diseases and conditions, drugs and supplements, treatment decisions, healthy living, health tools, and more.

Web MD - "Better information, Better Health". This is a site also dedicated to patient education. Benefits include a symptom checker, message boards (connect with & learn from others like you), doctor/hospital finder, and general information about many diseases.